residential interior with large windows

Beaver Creek Residence

The original design of this residence was created by an architect from Mexico City. The design was a central space with four sides and sloping roofs. The roof would shed snow directly onto the driveway in front of the garage causing a potentially dangerous situation. Beth and her team meticulously worked out the design flaws and successfully restructured the roof. She worked closely with her clients to bring their vision to life while taking the local climate and safely into consideration. The external renovation included raising the roof on the entry side of the house which fixed the dangerous snow shedding problem and added a beautiful, contemporary feel to the building.

The internal remodel focused on contemporary design while emphasizing an inside out concept. The large atrium is multifunctional, versatile, and the primary focus of the home. The open floor plan, surrounded by large windows and skylights, increased access to shared natural light. Beth and her team also added sliding windows to the bar area to directly connect the bar to the deck.

The architectural designs were enhanced by adding modern touches and finishes. Beth and her team kept the original stone wall around the fireplace but added metal and wood features to modernize the space. The mix of wood, metal, stone, and natural light makes this residence feel one with nature.

Project Cost: more than $1,000,000
Location: Beaver Creek, Colorado
Interior Designer: Jim Powell

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