Vail Mountainside Residence

Located on the mountainside overlooking Vail ski resort, Beth and her team turned this dated and dark condominium into a one of a kind, indoor/outdoor mountain oasis. The remodel goal was to take advantage of the picturesque scenery that this condo’s location offers, increase the amount of natural light, as well as, turn the entire living space into an open concept design.

To open up the space as much as possible, Beth reworked the architectural structure of the unit. Which included moving the location of the fireplace and rearranging the layout of the home. She added steel structures throughout the unit which allowed her team to remove previously load bearing walls and columns. Beth also incorporated a number of new windows, skylights, and glass sliding doors. The kitchen appliances were all positioned along the wall and a large island was created for extra seating. The kitchen was completed by adding dynamic granite countertops and a backsplash to create movement in the space. The patio and deck area were also transformed by adding a large outdoor kitchen, hot tub and fireplace. This unique mountainside condo is the perfect indoor/outdoor space to entertain and enjoy the beautiful Vail Valley.

Project Cost: more than $1,000,000
Location: Vail, Colorado
Contractor: ULF Built

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