Vail Valley Drive Residence

The owners of this Vail Valley Drive unit wanted to create a contemporary space while keeping many elements from the original designs. Beth and her team created a custom designed bar and fireplace. As well as, added new wood flooring, wood walls, and upgraded all interior finishes. Beth established a more predominant indoor-outdoor connection by redesigning the exterior wall to include more windows and a large glass door.

Architecturally, every detail was planned to create height and movement in the space. All of the doors and cabinets are floor to ceiling, which creates a continuous, uninterrupted ceiling throughout the residence. The window valances are the same color as the walls and the shades are all hidden. These design elements help to accentuate the height of each room to make the space feel bigger and taller. 

In the kitchen, the stove top was integrated into the counter and the range hood was integrated directly into the ceiling which created a minimal yet engaging open design. Behind the custom bar perfectly flush architectural details were used to integrate the doors directly into the wall and wood planks were applied to create a beautiful uninterrupted floor to ceiling wood wall.

The selection of materials was very important in this project. The doors and cabinets were imported from Italy and many elements throughout the home were custom built. Including the concert tub in the master bathroom, the shelving next to the fireplace, and the bunk beds. 

Project Cost: $750,000
Location: Vail, Colorado
Contractor: Nedbo Construction Company
Interior Design: Holtz Design Studio

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